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Getting Married by the Minister

We are delighted if you are considering getting married in St Andrew’s Church of Scotland, Corby. 


A wedding in the Church is a union between a man and a woman which acknowledges the presence of God and in which the couple are asked to make important promises to each other before God. These are binding in His sight and should not be entered into lightly.

It is assumed that those who want to be married in church sincerely wish to seek God's blessing on their marriage - so this is a good time to give serious thought to the claims of Jesus Christ. 


A Church wedding is normally and naturally for those who are members of the Church and have made a commitment to following Jesus. However, you do not need to be a member of the Church to be married in St Andrew’s Church of Scotland, although we would be delighted to welcome you into our fellowship on a Sunday morning.

If you are not a church member, the minister will want to discuss with you whether a religious ceremony is what you are looking for, whether it will have meaning for you, and whether he agrees it is appropriate in your situation.

It is entirely at the discretion of the minister to decide if he will conduct a wedding service. For that reason, it is important to arrange a meeting with the minister before making other arrangements.


Our lovely church has provided wonderful setting for weddings for almost 80 years . Please click here to see more.

Welcome to St Andrew's Church!
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